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Death by Dumpling

Death by Dumpling

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Juli Mason hired Bertie the Bag Lady, living in the alley behind Snips and Snails, out of desperation.

It was a smooth move. 

Who knew Bertie would clean up so well?
 Or that she was in actual fact, a Sous Chef with serious skills in the kitchen?

But the star Cook of Snips and Snails Café is not all she is.

When the Hat River in Veil Falls coughs up a wrecked Cadillac Sedan beneath the Fae Road Bridge and Bertie Faints at the news...Juli smells a mystery...

Perhaps it's the body they found floating on the floor of the front seat, or the second in the back.
Is it murder most foul, or an unfortunate accident? And why do all the clues point to Bertie?

Add in the rude new birdwatchers that have checked into Lovelace resort, and the discovery of what was once missing...
Is Bertie's strange behavior and the guest's unexpected arrival all just an odd coincidence?

There's something strange going on in Veil Falls. It's up to Juli Mason to solve the case...or the results could just be murder.

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